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Azure Networking Security – Where to Start

If you have read any of my blog posts about networking in Azure, you can guess that this is one of my favorite topics. For ITops, this is one of the changes in thinking required to make changes to the cloud. Since software-defined-networking is one of the main concepts required for a successful cloud implementation, […]

Blogging Tips

Reimaging Retail with AI

Say ‘AI’, and a lot of people add images of robots around the world. However, it is in many ways a disagreement that technology can benefit us as a society. AI can help empower businesses and customers through brief transactions and online marketing. Technologies such as AI, neural networks, deep learning, big data, and automation […]

Blogging Tips

Empowering charities through technology

As each of us asks questions, what is it that we can also contribute. We thrive on a culture of continuous learning – whether it is to host workshops or to teach others to facilitate our employees to learn new skills for the future digital workplace or to share knowledge with other companies We have […]

Blogging Tips

5 steps to a successful stay

It’s been a while to come, but healthcare is finally ready to plunge and embrace the cloud. For hospitals, it seems that ‘stepping on the cloud’ is not as much thought as before for everyone. And, for some, it has caused some confusion and decision paralysis. Teams led by the hospital began moving patient and […]

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