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How companies use AI to deliver better customer service in the financial sector

Today’s customers demand a higher level of service than before. As businesses have adjusted their services, expectations have risen. For organizations, this represents a balancing act: how can you improve customer service, increase productivity and efficiency, without adversely affecting workloads? Technology is at the center of this puzzle. HSBC and AI: A Use-Case In early […]


3 tools to develop azure skills in higher education

Azure is an important tool within academic teaching and IT functions. For those who have ventured into the cloud, or are considering cloud migration, they are discovering the educational benefits of having quick, easy and secure access to learning resurgence. More students actively learn Azure skills and obtain certification Academics will choose Azure over using […]


Empowering young people of all abilities

Dyslexic volunteers and supporters of Microsoft UK came together on Saturday 7 December to run the “Think Differently About Dyslexia” Kids Xmas Boot Camp. The volunteers had a shared mission to empower children with dyslexia by providing them with technology that would enable them to develop their unique thinking skills – cognitive flexibility, creativity, visualization, […]

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