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Build strong cloud skills for employees in 5 stages

Organizations are changing, sometimes driven by innovation, and trying to establish partnerships that will boost their value proposition and optimize internal IT. Over the years, I have been thrilled with how much can be done with the strong will to adopt new technology. Think of the first new clearing bank in the UK in 250 […]


5 steps to digitally change the legal profession

In the minds of many, the legal industry is all oak-paneled offices and decisions taken at a blizzard pace. However, it is not known for its innovative workspaces and modern technologies. A man, a woman and another man are holding a surface in the background This presence only reinforces the client’s misconceptions of the area; […]


5 tips for new beginnings learn from my own journey

This month’s blog topic covers customer-facing experiences at Microsoft. Luckily, I have these daily and cherish them. This year is an exciting year for the surface business, for which I am completely grateful. With seven new product announcements recently, I am incredibly proud of the company I work for. A different challenge every day My […]


To equip university students with skills

I learned more than I thought I would, and developed a new set of skills. Armed with those new skills and an appreciation for the world that greeted me upon graduation, I returned to university life wondering how it was preparing me for that reality. The world of study and work has changed I am […]

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