How companies use AI to deliver better customer service in the financial sector

Today’s customers demand a higher level of service than before. As businesses have adjusted their services, expectations have risen. For organizations, this represents a balancing act: how can you improve customer service, increase productivity and efficiency, without adversely affecting workloads? Technology is at the center of this puzzle. HSBC and AI: A Use-Case In early […]


3 ways to change your customer experience

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the retail industry. Shopping is no longer a separate activity or a particular destination. Now some customers can do this anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile and digital platforms. But that growth requires increased customer expectations and a better customer experience. 91% of […]


Build strong cloud skills for employees in 5 stages

Organizations are changing, sometimes driven by innovation, and trying to establish partnerships that will boost their value proposition and optimize internal IT. Over the years, I have been thrilled with how much can be done with the strong will to adopt new technology. Think of the first new clearing bank in the UK in 250 […]

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Azure Networking Security – Where to Start

If you have read any of my blog posts about networking in Azure, you can guess that this is one of my favorite topics. For ITops, this is one of the changes in thinking required to make changes to the cloud. Since software-defined-networking is one of the main concepts required for a successful cloud implementation, […]


5 steps to digitally change the legal profession

In the minds of many, the legal industry is all oak-paneled offices and decisions taken at a blizzard pace. However, it is not known for its innovative workspaces and modern technologies. A man, a woman and another man are holding a surface in the background This presence only reinforces the client’s misconceptions of the area; […]

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Reimaging Retail with AI

Say ‘AI’, and a lot of people add images of robots around the world. However, it is in many ways a disagreement that technology can benefit us as a society. AI can help empower businesses and customers through brief transactions and online marketing. Technologies such as AI, neural networks, deep learning, big data, and automation […]

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